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Journal Paper writing tips

There are different types of journal papers. The few examples are research papers, editorial, book review and errata. Journals are the periodicals published on a particular subject. Journal papers in the context of PhD are research papers written in the course of research work carried out by PhD students during their programme. Journal papers are useful for the both the students and the professors as well. You can use the journal papers written by professors as a reference in your thesis and even the research work on which you are working can also get published in a journal.

There is a certain format of a journal paper. You must follow certain guidelines while writing a journal paper. These are as follows:

Objective of Journal Paper

While writing a journal paper you share your research work (new knowledge) with the rest of the world. The work does not stay confined to the university only.You must come out with the issues that remain untouched in the concerned subject by your seniors.

Pick a new issue

With the help of your guide you can search for the issues which are not yet solved. You can refer to the previous work of the seniors and pick the issue that is of your interest. Pick up a problem or an issue and write on it rather than writing on so many problems.

Where to publish

With the help of your guide you can also look for the journal where your work can get published.You must refer to the guidelines of the journal before submitting your work.

Introduction of Journal paper

Write about the issue which is not yet solved. Mention what previous scholars have written about the issue and then share your research idea in the journal paper that will solve the issue.

Main part of the paper

Write the new results and any new knowledge that you have discovered. Here, you must mention the solutions and explain how the new results will solve the issue.

Use of flowchart/graph in a journal paper

A flowchart and a graph can also be used in a journal paper to emphasise the issue taken up. Flowchart can show the processes whereas the graph will show the pictorial view of the data.

Writing the conclusion

The conclusion is going to be your view and your study. You must mention how your research solves the issue taken up.


It is the summary of the whole paper. Here, everything from introduction to conclusion will come but in a compact manner.


Mention the references of the journal papers written by scholars you have used in your paper.

Editing work

Before submitting the article, a thorough editing should be done so that the article won’t get rejected. Also keep in mind that the article written must follow the journal style of writing. It is better if you get it checked by your guide.