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Searching the right PhD guide

Without teachers it is not possible to learn. Once you get selected for the PhD programme a guide will be appointed for you so that the path will become easier to acquire PhD. You can also choose your guide but that person must meet the criteria laid by the university. Remember guide is your mentor for the whole duration of your PhD programme. Our tips on selecting the right guide are as follows:

Traits of the right PhD guide

It is very important to have a right person as a guide because he/she will be the mentor for you. During the duration of the PhD programme whatever queries you will face, will be solved by none other than your guide. Not only the problems but a guide will also tell you how to write the thesis on the particular subject chosen for the PhD.

While searching for the right guide ask the seniors who are pursuing PhD. Try to check out the previous records and the work of the guide. For example, ask the seniors who are completing their thesis under the respective guides. Seniors can give suggestions on choosing the right guide because your next minimum two to three years will be spending with the guide.

You and your guideā€™s interest must match

It is very important that the guide has full interest in the area or subject that you have chosen. Because then only both you and your guide will be able to work together. Choose the guide which can tell the weak areas and also communicate effectively with you.

It is better to have a good communication with the guide which will help in clarifying the queries. Always go for that guide which will give time and will listen to your queries. A busy person who has no time will not be suitable as a guide.

After getting the guide, then

After getting a guide for the research work, first of all respect the guide and his/her position. You must always listen to the guide first, avoid arguments with the guide. Even if you have some disagreement over any point a discussion with a calm behaviour will sort out that disagreement. If you think that your point is valid, then also a discussion with the guide is very important.

Never forget PhD requires research work and a lot of patience, so select that guide which will help in the obstacles that come in the path of achieving the PhD.Finally, before submitting thesis, get it checked by the guide and whatever corrections the guide say, correct them immediately.