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How to select the right topic for PhD?

You cannot complete the PhD programme without submitting the thesis. You have to submit the thesis i.e.your research work to acquire the doctorate in the selected subject. The minimum time for the research is two to three years and it can be stretched to four to seven years. It is very important to choose a right topic for the research. The topic of the PhD can be either given by the panel of professors who take the interview after the entrance exam or even if you select your own topic, it must get approved by the guide and the panel who decides the topic.

We can help you in deciding how to select the right topic for PhD. Following are the tips:

Topic must be of your interest

Selecting the right topic for the research work is very important because the next two or three years of PhD will be devoted towards that topic.The topic of the thesis is your question and it has to be answered in the thesis by yourself. First and foremost the topic must be of your interest. You must consultyour guide about the selected topic, ask as many questions related to that topic and be sure that you will not losethe subject in answering the question.

You must select that topic with which you can justify because it will take minimum two to three years on working that topic. It is such a long period that you must not feel bored in the middle of the path of the research. That’s why it is very important that the topic should be such that a thesis of so many words can be written on it.

Check out your seniors’ work

It is important to check the topic of the research work of the seniors i.e. those who have completed their PhD in the same domain. The thesis of those who have completed the PhD will guide you in not only selecting the right topic but also how to write the thesis as well.Reviewing and reading the thesis written by the seniors will help a lot and it’ll somehow become easier to select the right topic.

Update yourself with recent developments

While selecting the topic you must keep in mind about the recent developments related to the topic. Select that topic which is unique for the research, that topic which gains the interest of the panel who give approval to the topic. Consult with the guide, ask the seniors, discuss with the people who give ideas related to selecting the topic. Besides this go to libraries, read journals, newspapers and these all things are very essential for selecting the right topic. Talk to as many people and select that topic which will make the duration of the PhD a memorable one.