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Writing Tips

All you PhD writers out there, pay heed to these tips because they make all the difference between a high scoring report and a rejected one.

Be well versed with the academic style

Writers should make sure they are writing in the format and in the style laid down by the academic board. Check if the board wants the project written in the MLA style or the APA style or in some other format.

Have an individual style

Every writer should have his own way of writing. He or she should have their own style of using language and their own way of describing events. Yes, they have to adhere to the rules of the university, but that does not prevent them from creating their own individuality within that space. It helps in avoiding plagiarism and also makes writing the project a lot faster.

Prepare a plan before starting

It is a good idea to prepare a plan and adhere to a schedule when you are writing. It helps maintain discipline and also gives a good idea of how much work needs to be completed.

Read as much as you can

One way of developing writing skills is to read as much of other people’s work as possible. It is also important to read work across disciplines so that new ideas start flowing into the mind and the vocabulary increases considerably.

Read your own work before submission

Always read your own work from start to end before submitting the paper. Even if it is only going to go into the hands of an editor, it is important for the writer to make sure that he or she corrects as much of their own mistakes as possible.

If the writing is not done to a certain standard then all the previous research on the project will come to nought. So write carefully and write well.