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Research proposal writing tips

Research proposal is a step before writing the thesis/dissertation. During the PhD programme,you are required to submit the research proposal which consists of the summary of all about your research area/the topic you have chosen. It is a framework of the thesis you are going to write in your PhD programme. A research proposal must get approval of the panel of professors who decide the topic of the research on which you will be writing the thesis.There are certain key points which you must remember while writing a research proposal. These points are as follows:

Mention important areas

Three things are very important to mention: title of the topic, summary of the topic and the expected results (outcome) after the research is completed. Also mention the duration (a slight idea can be given) to complete the research.

Writing style

The language of the research proposal should be in the future tense. It includes how will be the research going to take place. Use headings, bullet points where necessary, because these will help in understanding the topic clearly. Do the editing work before submitting the research proposal.

Title page of the research proposal

You must mention your personal details and the title of the research paper. Mention the name of your guide and your department of the university which are going to be used for research.

Title of the thesis

The title of the research work must be brief (not more than ten words) and clear. The panel must understand by the title that how the research work is going to be.

Objective of the thesis in a research proposal

It is important to mention the objective of the research area in the research proposal. You must clearly write your objective that you want to achieve by writing the thesis on the selected subject.

Summary of the topic

You must describe the topic in a compact manner chosen for the thesis. Here, the summary is the description of the topic and it should be written in such a way that it will get approved by the panel.

Ingredients of the thesis

It is important to mention the sources; the procedure and the way of collecting the data in the research proposal that you will be following while writing the thesis.

Convince the panel

You must write the research proposal in such a way that it’ll get approved by the panel so that you can get a chance to work on the thesis of your choice of topic.