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Why to opt for PhD?

A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree might give you a good job. Even professional courses like MBA can lure many people because a degree of MBA also opens the gate for jobs and self-employment. But a degree of PhD can add sparkle to your qualifications. We will first tell you the reasons why you should opt for PhD and these are as follows:

Highest qualification

It is the highest level of degree in education system in India and many other nations.


After completing the PhD you can add Dr as a prefix in your name.

You can be a teacher

You can get a chance to teach in college/university. If you have a PhD degree, you can get a chance to work as a professor and associate professor in the colleges of University of Delhi and many other private colleges and universities. If you want to teach at the college and university level, you can opt for PhD programme. If you think that teaching is your passion then opt for PhD programme. Hence, PhD programme can give good teachers to the colleges and universities.

Work in research areas of government and non-government institutions

You can be a great researcher. There are so many diverse subjects such as Computer Science, Biotechnology, Economics, Sociology, Psychology and Political Science. If you have PhD degree you can work in areas which require a lot of research work. For example, a person with doctorate in the subject of Political Science can work for government of India in the area of maintaining relations with other nations of the world (Ministry of External Affairs). He/she can best understand the politics of other nations and the factors that are necessary to make cordial relations with other nations.

An interest in the subject

An interest in particular area or subject and a zest to explore in that particular area can also be a good reason to opt for PhD programme. A specialisation and a deep knowledge in a particular subject can only be attained if you opt for a PhD programme. If you think that you have an interest in a specific subject and want to explore in that subject then opt for PhD.

There are few people who have PhD degrees as compared to the people who have Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Not all people can attain this highest qualification. A strong commitment, interest in the subject and dedication towards the goal are a prerequisite to attain the PhD degree. Besides these factors a PhD programme takes a long time.