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Tips for Data Analysis

While data analysis is a strenuous and time consuming task it is also an essential one. It is a task that can make or break a research and its results determine the fate of the project. So what tips can make the life of the data analyst easier. Read on and find out.

It is never a good idea to perform manipulations and calculations on the master data file. Much of this data has been collected after a lot of hard work and if it is lost, the project goes for a toss. Create a duplicate copy and perform all calculations on that version.

Select the method of analysis carefully

Statistical methods should be chosen as per the aims of the project and the kind of data that is available. Only then can the analyst arrive at the right conclusions.

Use macros and codes to make analysis easier

There are few activities that cannot be automated with today’s technology. A lot of number crunching is done on Excel and Access. Macros and formulas can easily be created in these applications that eliminate repetitive work and hasten the goal of finding the meaning behind the data.

Use Statistical applications

There are many applications available in the market like SPSS that have been created for statistical analysis. Try and buy one or borrow one so that dealing with large volumes and large numbers becomes easier. These applications also help with making tables and charts which can be presented in the main project.

Even nothing can mean something

There will be times when no pattern can be found in the data. But that itself tells a story. And that should be an encouragement to look at the problem from another angle.

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